Tim McMullen

Being In Front of trends

With the exponential growth of video marketing across all platforms, the bombardment of commercials during streams Youtube, Facebook Video, Vimeo and more, it was only fitting I stumbled into the Videography world when I did.

I believe there is a giant wave coming, that if capitalized properly, any service based business professional can drastically enhance their client acquisition methodology. 

My original videography team, Tyto Alba Media, sparked the idea of shooting listing videos to other agents for free. It provided me the practice field to sharpen my skills, play with types of shots, different styles of edits, and ultimately hone in my ability to story tell.




Since the trial and error phase of just how a property's story should be told and using countless different launch techniques, I've mastered the practice of getting a property video in the right potential buyers hands.

Consumer attention is something I study profusely:

- Where are buyers finding property online?

- What consumption channels lead to prospective buyers turning into interested buyers

- How to spark attention in a world where people watch advertising for less than 1.6 seconds on average.

Tour With Tim




Through mastering these practices and tens of thousands of views later, I now use #TourWithTim as a tool to align myself with the top agents in California. By working alongside these agents closely while putting together the foundational marketing piece for their listing - The Video - I reap the benefits of building strong professional relationships to those well ahead of me in the game. In an industry with a learning curve as steep as Real Estate Sales, it's nice to have some savvy veterans in your corner.