About Tim McMullen

While relatively new on the scene of San Francisco's Luxury Market, Tim's passion for upscale modern condos, townhouses and sky rise living has made him an instant hit. His new-age technology approach to marketing through the use of social media, video tours, drones and online techniques has him well ahead of his years. His network in the Silicon Valley is second to none, featuring some of the most prominent CEO's, VP's and C level executives of major Bay Area Organizations on speed dial. 

What truly sets Tim McMullen apart from his competition is his unique ability to make people from all walks of life feel comfortable in the highest of stressful situations. He relates through loyalty, trust and reliability. 

Tim is originally from Melbourne, Australia, which is well spoken of as a sister city to San Francisco with its Victorian inspired inner city dwellings and small neighborhood vibe. Before entering the real estate, Tim enjoyed a decorated college football career with Oregon State University, majoring in Exercise Science. He has been invited to numerous NFL combines as a Free Agent, while simultaneously founding Corporate Fitness Project, a Google inspired health management company allowing smaller start ups to have the ability to provide employees with health and wellness services on par with that of Google, Apple, Samsung etc.


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