Using Condo Weekly To Sell for Top Dollar

Condo Buildings are all extremely unique and appreciate at different rates, if at all. By watching closely, Condo Weekly will provide you with the intimate knowledge of your building, what condo's are selling for on different floors, as well as the value of your own property.

With the uniqueness of individual buildings and blocks of the city, it is important to know which Realtors are specialists in your building, as well as which are not. Any agent who doesn't specialize in high rise condominiums will have a hard time selling your property, as seen by the higher days on market for out of district agents vs. those who live in these buildings. Condo Weekly aims to align you with the right Realtor for your property.

All condo's sold through condo weekly will receive an aggressive digital marketing strategy across relevant platforms, a professional #TourWithTim listing video promoted locally and internationally, and a team effort to sell your condo as fast as possible for top dollar.