Want to master Social and crush it in your market?

Winning on Social is HARD, and requires constant attention. But as we move closer and closer to a fully integrated, digital world, if you're NOT dominating on social, it will be harder and harder to generate business.

Let me show you how to structure your social efforts to actually build your brand, not just blast market data to the world that nobody - even other realtors - care to see. This Pilot Episode below generated over 2k views in the first 24 hours, all from locals with a net worth of $2m+, the ideal demographic for purchasing this penthouse.


Social media is simple in premise - create incredible content that is natural to the platform you're sharing it on. For example, what you create for Instagram will be different than what you create on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. All are unique environments that your 'target market' exists on. Avoid being spammy and coming across as a salesman and create beautiful content for each platform in its natural environment.

Class #1 - How to use youtube in real estate

Understand Youtube for what it is, a platform to demonstrate incredible videos with beautiful homes. Build a following and create a brand around your content. 

Class #2 - How to use instagram to entertain and visually DEMONSTRATE expertise - no more blasting listing photos with open house times

Lets face it. NOBODY likes a listing post. Put yourself in everyone else shoes when they see your IG post - would YOU like it? Better question, how many listing photos would you see your best friend post before you get sick of them and unfollow - I'm guessing its under 10. Stop pissing off your friends on social and learn how to do it the right way.


Class #3 - Facebook is the holy grail for realtors - You're going to want to know how to use it in coming years

The world has changed drastically over the past few years. Every single person you will ever need to market to in your entire career, is now on Facebook. Let me show you how to organically get your content infant of them.

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