2018 goal: $100,000,000 worth of real estate


It's no secret the world is headed in a digital direction, where consumers eyes are glued to one place and one place only, the phone screen in the palms of their hands. If a property isn't relevant in the phone screen, it therefore isn't relevant at all.

#TourWithTim Productions is a tool used to showcase homes in the best of light - highlighting the most attractive qualities of the home in 4K detail, selling the story of the property in a way that will resonate with prospective buyers, leading to all prospecting buyers to become buyers writing offers on properties. 

How this benefits my clients and other realtors

All Property Video's Are Not Equal

Having an established pathway from taking raw video footage of a property and dressing it as an entertaining and visually enticing story, and placing it in the scrolls of every potential buyer - based on demographic targeting and demographic radii - can be monumental in terms of consumability.

The old school method of selling Real Estate still works, don't get me wrong, but a potential buyer can only look at a "Just Listed" postcard for so long. When your home is marketed by #TourWithTim Productions, your property video will touch everyone that lives within a half mile radius of your home, as well as other target demographics we hyper analyze specifically for your home, and the video will follow them throughout their day, etched into every feed they browse. 

Think of it this way, if someone stops by an open house and they consume the property for 20 minutes while they are physically present, my marketing system will have that potential buyer consuming your home for 3 to 10x the amount of time they physically stood in the property, turning potential buyers into buyers that write offers.